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With our wide range of services and our minute attention to detail, we can help you achieve your design goals. Whether it’s answering a simple design question or taking on full renovations to new construction, we want to make your design project a stress free and exciting process from planning to installation.

Design Services start at $195 per hour, click on a service offering below for more details.



Blending modern, vintage & eclectic finds with custom pieces, our approach to interior design creates liveable spaces layered in rich texture and personality.


First, we will evaluate and sift through your list of wants to help determine exactly what you need. Next, we fold back in some of those wants to fit your budget.


Through continual open, honest communication, our collaboration ultimately ensures your space is reflective of your life’s story.

This is our "Concierge" level of services. We handle all the details: 

  • Starting with the initial consult

  • Design plan creation and implementation

  • Sourcing and purchasing of building materials, fixtures, furnishings and accessories

  • Scheduling & Managing: Deliveries, tradesmen and installations

Get started with a design consultation today.

Design Consultations:

2 hours - $550* [in-person] (up to 3 spaces)

2 hours - $425* [virtual] (up to 3 spaces) 

*The consultation fee( $550 | $425) includes up to three spaces.  Any additional spaces beyond the three will be charged at $185 | $165 per additional space.

Interior Design


So, you’ve already found the pieces for your project, yet your schedule no longer allows time to receive and weave those pieces together—or, the overall task of managing a renovation project has simply become overwhelming.  Let us manage the chaos often associated with renovation and construction projects.


We will coordinate the deliveries, installs and other services (i.e. contractors and subcontractors) so that you can keep your life and family on schedule.

Design Management


You have all of the significant pieces, yet something’s missing. Art often dresses a room while accessories provide the jewelry. Proper placement of both can evoke inspiration, peace, and tranquility.


Through the procurement and placement of unique art and accessories selected especially for you, we unify the space to complete your story.


Event Design

Event planning? No, that’s not event design. With the same care taken in designing your home, our approach to preparing and executing events transcends planning.

From designing invitations to décor, even the cuisine, we create an experience you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and more—we’ve got you covered.

Event Design

Space Planning & Organization

Do you have trouble finding what you need, quickly?  “I can’t find anything in my closet!”  Or, you can’t seem to locate that “Everything Bagel Seasoning” you purchased at Trader Joe’s last weekend?


We will de-clutter and reorganize your space to make it the most functional and efficient for your busy lifestyle.

Space Plan

E - Design

We equip you with the blueprint and foundation, now it’s up to you to execute the vision.  You manage and implement the design plan we provide.  After all, many of us have always embodied a little DIY.


After the consultation where we determine your style and budget, we return to the studio to get started. We will provide you: a simple mood board that will have our selections for your space, a selection sheet with clickable links for you to purchase the approved items and a space plan for optimal placement in your space.

Packages range from $325 - $1500 per room


Color Consultation

Whether you prefer a monochromatic palette or a kaleidoscope of color. Color should never be considered secondary in the overall design. In fact, it is often the starting point for a well-designed space.

We’ve studied the intersection of color with pattern and texture. The interplay between these elements can play a significant role in expressing the mood of your space successfully.

$425 - up to 2 rooms

Color Consult

Home Staging

Whether you’re listing your property for sale or simply refreshing your space, enlist us to maximize your current furniture layout and rearrange your accessories.


Good staging allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living comfortably in your space and is an integral part of the reason For Sale becomes SOLD!

Starting at, $500


Designer Days

“I think I can get this done myself.  I just need a little direction.”  Partner with one of our designers for a day.  Actually, its two days, but who’s counting?  After a brief call to assess your style wants and needs, we schedule DAY ONE and the work begins.


A dedicated designer will meet you at your home

Evaluate the space & seek answers to any questions 

Designer will offer suggestions 

 – DAY TWO –

The designer will return to your space to provide final confirmation and direction for placement of your purchased items.

Starting at $1200 per room | per day

Designer Days



Ask me one design related question and you’ll receive a detailed, comprehensive response back. 

This service is for those clients that have a single question about a specific detail in a space.

Examples include, but not limited to:

  • Selecting paint color

  • Resourcing an item

  • Lighting selection

  • Suggestions for revamping or re-purposing a piece of furniture.

$50 per question

Designer OnCall

Window Treatments

Nothing finishes a space quite like window coverings.  
Draperies, shutters, blinds, and shades not only add privacy but also punctuate the tone of a room.  


A visual consultation allows us to determine which option speaks to your space.

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